StealthGenie Coupon Code: A Way to Secure Your Family’s Safety While Still Saving Money

StealthGenie is the most powerful mobile phone spy software today. With the use of this application, you can track down all the activities of any Android phone, iPhone or Blackberry. It is easy to install on the phone that you want to monitor. It will never be found on the monitored phone for it works in stealth mode. By logging in to the StealthGenie area from any computer, you will have complete access on the monitored phone instantly. It will start uploading the monitored phone’s usage information and its exact location.

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Why Should You Buy Stealthgenie?

With StealthGenie, you will be able to keep in check of your loved ones. You can also monitor company owned phones as they may be misused by your employees. With this powerful application, you literally have a complete access and control of the phone you are monitoring without being detected. It is equipped with highly-advanced features that will allow you to monitor phone calls, messages and emails.

You will also have the access on the monitored phone’s contacts, memos and calendar activities. Saved items on the phone such as photos, videos and music files can also be monitored. You also get to view the monitored phone’s internet browsing history and saved bookmarks. Stealthgenie also allows you to track your children or employees through Geo location feature and even record the phone’s surroundings. You can spy on any iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone without disrupting or interrupting its functionality.

Use A Stealthgenie Coupon Code and Save Money!

There is just so much that this powerful application can offer you. Take advantage of these benefits now and have the security that you truly deserve. You can shop online conveniently and even save money using StealthGenie coupon codes. You can take advantage of this state-of-the-art application with lower costs if you have a coupon code.

You can get 25% up to 50% discount on all occasions such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. Once you have selected your desired StealthGenie product, you are entitled to a coupon code that you can use to save money when buying the product. You may use the coupon code in any online store and activate it at StealthGenie is always in a generous mood that is why they always have discount promos that you should take advantage of.

It is highly essential that you keep in check of your loved ones to ensure their safety. You can track a mobile phone and get its location through the Geo location feature from StealthGenie at a lesser cost with the use coupon code. The coupon code is easy to use, just enter it to coupon code field after selecting your desired StealthGenie product and you get the discount automatically. It is the best way to pay less and get more!

Advantages of StealthGenie

StealthGenie is the most powerful cell phone spy software today. The use of this tracking application is the most convenient and affordable way to ensure your loved ones’ safety. It is very considerate and generous as it offers discount promotions through the use of coupon codes. You can monitor the activities of your children or employees invisibly and remotely.

Another good thing about it is that it is very to use. After buying the application, download it to the mobile phone you want to monitor and log in to the StealthGenie user area on any computer to view all the information from the monitored phone. This powerful tracking application has now become compatible with all iPads and Android tabs. There is no doubt that it can really provide you with the feeling of security at a very low cost.

StealthGenie is trusted by over 100,000 satisfied customers because of its powerful features. Leave the old methods of monitoring behind and take advantage of this latest and effective cell phone spy technology. Track your children and employees remotely and invisibly. Spy on their phone calls and record them.

You can also intercept live phone calls and even view call history. You can view sent and received messages and track their GPS location. You can also view their location history and travel route on a map. You can also have access on saved multimedia files in their phones and monitor their internet activities. You can even control their phones remotely.

With all the undesirable circumstances that may happen to you and to the ones you love, it is highly significant that you find a way to keep your family safe. Good thing that StealthGenie has come to existence to provide you with the feeling of security that you truly deserve. It is very ideal for people like you who leave home every once in a while for business trips. You can keep in check of your loved ones and monitor the activities of your employees while you are away. It is very easy to use and costs lower when you use a coupon code.

Stealth Genie Reviews

In this generation, it is truly significant to ensure the safety of your family especially your children. A lot of people know that accident is everywhere, that’s why the Stealth Genie is built. Stealth genie has the finest and most trusted cell phone spy that will suit your need and demand. You can install a lot of application in their phone tracking in just a minute.

With the use of the product, you will know the specific location or place of the person who want to keep an eye on. You can also log in even if you are using different computers. Your target persons will not know that you are tracking them. And this application is really effective and will not be detected by anyone.

Stealth Genie is included in the development of the phone tracking software systems that will be readily accessible to various individuals. This will let people see and be updated in all the important happenings like:

  • You can monitor if your partner is cheating in you.
  • Monitoring your employees if they are not doing their task
  • You will have a 100% assurance that you will know that things that usually do by your children especially when they are in school.

Features of Stealth Genie

Stealth Genie provides a whole collection of tough monitoring features. And this will surely need by every person who utilizes this cell phone spy.

  • Spy on Their Call

You will have the ability to record all the outgoing and incoming calls on the phone that you usually monitor. You can also listen to live phone calls and see the entire call history.

  • Spy on their SMS messages

You can see and read the entire SMS messages that have received and sent by phone that your monitor. And you can also redirect SMS.

  • Track Their GPRS Location

With the help of this GPRS location, you will see the location history and the present GPS location on the map of the persons that you monitor. You can also find out the areas that they have entered and leave.

  • Read Their E-mails

You will get updated on their e-mails that are received and sent on their phone. And you can see and read all those messages via Gmail and other well known e-mail apps.

  • Spy Their Instant Messengers

Their entire chat conversation like iMessage, Whatsapp, BBM and Gtalk chats will be continually monitored.

  • View their multimedia files

You can see and used the files that they have saved in their cell phone spy such as, their photos, music, voice recordings and videos.

  • Monitor their internet activities

You can visit and take a look at the current web sites that used by your monitored person.

  • View their calendar and contact activities

You can see on their phonebook book address and the entire schedule appointment in their calendar.

  • Bug their phone

The cell phone spy that used by the person that you monitor can also bug and alter it to a listen device. You can listen and record their phone surroundings.

  • Instant or immediate notifications and alert

The set up alert on your phone will surely monitor a particular number, e-mail and SMS that are saved in the phone of the person that you monitor. You will receive an SMS or call alert from untrustworthy phone number, define unknown words, receive an instant alert on suspicious words found in SMS and e-mails, SIM change notification and define dubious phone numbers.

  • Control their phone

You can also control their phones like, send remote control commands, lock their phone, see the entire uploaded data through the stealth genie control panel and wipe their phone.


The cell phone spy of stealth genie has its positive points

  • It is having reasonable and affordable price
  • It is accessible on PC
  • You can register it with time consuming
  • It has a basic function for tracking


  • The options in tracking are limited
  • It has a complicated process in installation
  • The support for the customers are limited
  • It is compatible on several mobile OS systems

Benefits of stealth genie

Stealth Genie can monitor and track your children’s activities as well as prevent them from any doing things that have serious consequences. Moreover, you can also monitor your employees to enhance their work performance. Aside from these, you can also receive and view end of lies, malice and cheating.

With the product, you will have hundred percent assurances that you will know all the things that you want to see and know on the things that usually do by your children, employee and other people that you want to track and monitor. The cell phone spy of stealth genie is very significant nowadays because the people in this generation are different than the people from the past generation when it comes to discipline, attitude, and habits.

Best Tips When Choosing the Best Mobile Spy Software

Mobile spy software is starting to take the hot spot these days. More and more individuals are demanding this highly innovated software. The efficiency and excellent performance are just few of the countless reasons why lots of individuals are now getting hooked with this hottest application. The increasing demand for such software has persuaded several manufacturers to invest time and money to develop this kind of software.

As a result, different brands are now introduced in the market, and each has its own sets of features to boast. Mobile spy software is specially designed for individuals who have the desire to track or monitor someone. The creation of this software is very timely especially these days that cheating spouses, straying kids and dishonest employees are common. Installing mobile spy software is certainly a better option rather than hiring a private investigator or splurging on expensive surveillance cameras.

It is a given reality that countless brands of mobile spy software are now circulating in the market, but individuals are advised to make the wisest decision for them to get the best mobile software that works. Getting the best one can really be challenging but by being guided by several helpful tips when choosing mobile spy software, one can end up with the best one. The effective tips individuals can consider in order to choose and get the best mobile spy software are outlined below:

  1. Choose the best spy software that has the capacity to solve your problems. It would be a waste of time, money and effort if you stick with software that does not work effectively on its intended purpose. Always go for the software that excels in features and performance because this can guarantee you with the best and exceptional results.
  2. When looking for the best mobile spy software, make sure that it is compatible with the phone that you wish to monitor. If you got problems on compatibility, you will likely encounter difficulty on installation.
  3. The best mobile software that you have to choose must be packed with inclusive features or the software must at least have the following significant features:
  • Call Tracking Feature

This feature allows individuals to view a list of calls that the phone has received or made. The information must also include the time when the call was made and the phone number.

  • Text Tracking Feature

This feature allows individuals to read text messages that the owner of the mobile phone received or made. Though messages are deleted from the internal storage, the best mobile software can still read those messages.

  • GPS Location

This feature allows you to track the exact location of the phone with ease. An ideal mobile spy software stores coordinates that make tracking and monitoring more effective and accurate. This feature is in fact one of the major basis referred to by several individuals who are in search for the best mobile spy software.

  1. It is an advantage to choose mobile spy software with the most ideal work mode. This is a significant aspect that needs to be reviewed. The best mobile spy software is the one that cannot be detected and can effectively work without disrupting the phone’s functionality. Mobile spy software of your choice must function in total stealth.
  2. Another tip that makes your search for the best mobile spy software is to determine your monitoring needs. There are countless brands that provide a wide range of dissimilar features. If you have insufficient idea on what you actually need, then you might end up with the wrong spy software.
  3. Making a lot of research can also help individuals get the best software. There are varieties of brands offered these days so be extra careful before making a choice. Do not be a rush to commit with the first software that comes your way.
  4. Choose the best mobile spy software that perfectly suits your budget. The best product does not necessarily mean that it is the most expensive. The excellent features and performance still define the best spy software. There are still mobile spy software that falls within the budget without compromising the quality, durability and efficiency.
  5. If you have the desire to get the best mobile software, make sure that you get it from a reputable provider. Avoid being victimized by misleading proclamations telling that the software is compatible with all types of phones but are actually not. A reputable provider usually offers customer or technical support. Individuals are advised to keep in touch with providers and evaluate their offers before making any purchase.

Mobile spy software is considered to be a valuable asset. That is why more individuals are making their demands for this product. There is a lot of good software out there, but the best mobile spy software can definitely serve you at its best.

How StealthGenie Works

If individuals have plans to keep an eye on someone, they will probably engage into different things like splurging on costly surveillance equipment, hiring a private investigator, interrogating friends, following around, going through his personal stuff and more. There are even instances that individuals just grab the mobile phone of that someone they are keeping an eye to, thinking that it is an effective way of finding the information that they need.

Some of these things are impractical to do and will just cost you a lot of money. Good thing is that StealthGenie came to existence, and this product is specially designed for individuals who have the desire to monitor someone’s phone invisibly and remotely. Lots of individuals are now getting hooked with this highly innovated product.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a powerful mobile phone tracking and spy software that allows individuals to monitor all activities on different mobile phones. This spy software can be easily installed on the mobile phone that you wish to monitor. This application effectively works in a stealth mode, which simply means that it can never be found on a particular monitored phone. StealthGenie requires easy installation process, and individuals only need to follow simple steps. But before this, they must be fully aware of the specific type of mobile phone they are going to install with this spy software and be guided accordingly.

Interesting Features of StealthGenie

Before individuals can fully appreciate the incredible function and performance of this hottest and most reliable spy software, they must first be familiar with the features. StealthGenie displays a particularly helpful and useful feature that allows individuals to record calls from and to the targeted or monitored cell phone.

This software also allows individuals to listen to voice calls live. Voice recording is somehow a very beneficial feature especially for businesses who wanted to monitor and track calls. Despite these convenient features, individuals are still advised to observe proper means of taking advantage of the said features. Make sure that any spy or monitoring activity will not violate any law.

StealthGenie is also equipped with features that allow you to receive, send, view, delete and redirect message. This is also packed with features that permit individuals do lots of things like looking at GPS location, reviewing location history and finding travel routes. With StealthGenie, individuals can read emails, view chats, listen to audio, watch video files, view bookmarks and web history, and many more.

This spy software displays inclusive features that enable you to monitor any mobile phone successfully. You got complete control and access to the phone that you wanted to monitor. The best part of this is that the application is excellently hidden.

How This Powerful Software Works

This powerful mobile phone spy and monitoring software effectively works in tracking all activities of particular mobile phones. This tracks text messages, call logs, phone location, videos, pictures, internet activity, address book, files, internet bookmarks and many more. This monitoring software also shows you voice memos and calendar events.

If individual chats with another person using a compatible feature, StealthGenie has the ability to allow you to view the entire conversation. This software also works in tracking the location. This tracker stores the latitude and longitude coordinates of the phone which makes tracking less stressful. This also includes marker that allows individuals to quickly locate where a particular phone is. If in case the owner of the mobile phone you are monitoring goes to a restricted area, you will instantly receive notifications.

StealthGenie also records audio even though the person is not using the phone. But again, always make sure that you are reminded of certain laws and restrictions before you use and explore this feature. This spy phone software cannot really block website access or either stop individual from installing this application on their phone. However, this powerful software alerts you when someone is performing a search using a particular keyword. StealthGenie also works efficiently in storing all essential information stored or sent on the phone even if someone deletes them from the internal storage.

Another interesting thing about StealthGenie is that when a phone was lost or stolen, individuals can instantly wipe or lock the device so that private information will not get in the wrong hands. The StealthGenie will also notify individuals in case someone replaces or removes the SIM card.

Why Choose StealthGenie

Choosing the StealthGenie is a brilliant option because it entails positive and satisfying results. Monitoring someone is now made easy with this software that is packed with numerous features. This spy software is ultimately cheaper than any other method available. This works completely in invisible mode that makes monitoring and spying someone more effective. This works on all types of phones and different networks. This software has created a network of satisfied and happy customers.